Make Sexy Empowerment your JOB:
  • Get paid to HAVE FUN!
  • ​​Share your passion for dance.
  • ​Develop powerful leadership skills.
  • ​Unleash your confidence.
  • Build REAL community.
  • ​Empower women and make a REAL impact.


Get trained and certified by Own It Creator, Stevie Lee and bring this powerful experience to YOUR community! 

Date, Time and Location: Jan 14th - Jan 16th 8 am - 5 pm in Elgin, IL  

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Yes, I want to become an Instructor!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Own Instructor Certification?

The Own It Chair Dance Certification is a 3 day IN DEPTH instructor training that will not only teach you how to lead a fun, safe and transformational Own It Chair Dance Experience, but it will also teach you how to market, build and grow your own Own It business so that you can make both an impact and an income doing what you love.

What qualifications are required to become an instructor?

There are no prerequisites to signing up for the instructor certification. 
No teaching experience required. 
No other certification required.
You will learn everything you need to be an effective, confident and powerful instructor during the training and beyond.

What does the Instructor Training include?

In just three days you will learn how to:

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment
  • ​Effectively warm up your students
  • ​Teach the dance moves step by step
  • Support your students during the showcase
  • ​Lead powerful mirror work and meditations
  • ​Share your personality with confidence and inspire your students
  • ​Close the event the "Own It" way
  • ​LOTS of time to practice and receive personal support and guidance.
  • ​Marketing materials and business trainings
  • ​Continued Education via the Instructors ONLY portal.

How much does it cost to become an instructor?

$1099 Pay in full 
3 monthly payments of $375

When and where is the Certification Training held?

This Certification will take place Jan 14th - Jan 16th from 8 am - 5 pm each day in Elgin, IL  
(30 min from Chicago)

Does my certification ever expire?

Once you complete your certification, you will remain an Own It Chair Dance Instructor as long as you choose. The only requirement post certification is to remain active in the Instructor Portal which costs $29.99 per month. This portal contains all of your marketing materials and continuing education resources so that you can stay up to date on everything in Own It Land :)

Who would make a good instructor?

I am not looking for the "BEST dancers"  or "Most experienced"  dance/fitness teachers. Even if you have never taken a dance class in your entire life, YOU CAN BECOME A PHENOMENAL INSTRUCTOR!

 The sauce that makes the best instructors is this.......

an open and willingness to learn, grow, and lead. We want passionate people with the drive to become the most joyfully authentic versions on themselves. A good instructor leads with passion, love and authenticity and is always seeking internal growth before ever asking someone else to grow.

A good instructor has heart, the rest of the skills can be TAUGHT and that's what this certification is meant to do. 

How much money does an instructor make?

This is an exciting question because how much each instructor makes is up to THEM. This format is a 2 hour one of a kind experience, so the rates of experiences do reflect that. The cost of most experiences range from $25-$40 per person and with the proper marketing and promotional strategies, there is an ability to create a nice income and recoup the initial investment very, very quickly. There is a very high demand for this format and that works in the instructors favor.

I have no experience in marketing a business, will Own It help me with this?

YES!! Your success is important to me!

The certification WILL include an in depth training on marketing and growing your experience attendance. You will be provided marking guides, check lists, and MORE. I will teach you how to get your offer in front of as many people as possible so that you can gain more attendees and fill your event.

Also, there will be a section on the Own It website for you to share your event information so that people in your community who love Own It can attend!

What are some of the other perks of becoming an instructor?

  • Community: You will gain access to the Instructors Only FB group where you can connect with instructors from all over the world. This is a great place to ask questions, get support, learn new things and BOND. Once you become an instructor you will have a family of Own It leaders by your side!
  • Continued education: The instructor portal is filled with resources to help you become the best and most successful instructor you can be. It will continue to grow with more powerful tools and info for you each and every month.
  • EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS: Instructors get special discounts on merchandise (launching soon), Retreats, as well as FREE access to the Membership site.

Is there a test? What if I fail this test?

Yes. All instructors must pass a test in order to receive their certification and begin teaching. If you do not pass your test during the in person training, you will be able to submit your testing video to Stevie Lee anytime, as many times as needed. 

Will there be VIRTUAL Trainings?

No. Own It trainings are all in person. This format and the training is very interactive, emotional and community based, so it must be taught and experienced in person.

How can I request a training near me?

I will be adding more trainings in 2022 and I am currently looking for locations host them. To request a training in your area please complete this contact form here. Be sure to include your city, state and country. Thank you!

Yes, I want to become an Instructor!
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