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Life transforming work to step into your most powerful self, one day at a time.

A bit about Me:

I'm Stevie Lee, creator of The Own It Experience and I am WILDLY OBSESSED with helping people FALL IN LOVE with themselves, as they are, right here, right now!

I have helped thousands of people dance, journal, meditate and heal their way towards unconditional self acceptance and inner POWER.

If I am being totally honest the last two years has been FULL of grief and heartbreak. I have had to learn how to face my inner darkness, give myself grace and compassion, cultivate unconditional self love, trust myself at new levels and heal wounds that go as far back as childhood. My internal world, as well as my external world, has been completely ROCKED but through all of that I have totally transformed.

Going through separation and filing for divorce from my high school sweetheart, the passing away of one of the loves of my life, owning and growing multiple new businesses in the midst of a pandemic, struggling with anxiety, building a life alone for the first time as an adult... ALL of it took a toll on me and truthfully, I am STILL in the midst of working through it, but I have come such a LONG way.

I have been able to SHIFT my mindset around my identity, my worth, my power, my abilities and I can honestly say that I have learned to VALUE myself and my needs more than ever before and that change continues to serve me in every single area of my life, from work, to dating, to friendships and everywhere in between. 

That is why I created this challenge! I believe everyone deserves to feel this inner peace, power and worth and I want to LEAD YOU here too.

Check out what the participants had to say about the Mindset Makeover:


Each Mindset Makeover Program is 30 days long. This will take you on a DEEP DIVE where you will be IMMERSED in EMPOWERING ENERGY, and new belief systems DAILY! 

This program offers a combination of audio recordings, journal work, meditations and breath work that will support you as you reveal old patterns of thought and behaviors that have been preventing you living in peace, confidence and joy. 

NEW SELF STUDY BONUS: You will receive a printable workbook to use each day of the challenge that will support you on this journey!

This kind of work requires support along the way so in addition to the daily audios and workbook, hop into the Sexy, Fit and Confident Facebook group for support from like minded women. This group is a safe space to share your journey, as well as, give and receive support so that you can make it through both the good days and the hard days and complete this challenge feelings POWERFUL AND CONFIDENT.

    So, what do you say?
    Are you ready to GO DEEP and create a more loving, confident relationship with yourself built on self value and self respect?

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