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$39.99 every month
$249.99 every year
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Monthly Membership to the Own It Char Dance Membership Site.
  • Access to 30+ 15-45 minute Chair Dance Workouts led by Stevie Lee and the Own It Babe.
  • Create your own workout experience with selectable warm ups and post workout stretch routines with self love meditations
  • Full access to The Own It Program: Sexy Mind, Body and Soul program designed to help you transform from the inside out in just 30 days
  • Free access to all Virtual Chair Dance Experiences hosted by Stevie Lee so that you can dance with her live
  • IMMEDIATE access to the Member's ONLY fb community to connect with Stevie Lee and the other women on the rise.
  • 3 + New workouts added in monthly so you never run out of fresh and fun routines.
  • NOTE: By pressing COMPLETE MY ORDER you are signing up for the Own It Chair Dance membership.  By doing this, you are also agreeing to the Terms of Service for this membership site. Be sure to read them here
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