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  • ​Gain access to 100+ BEGINNER FRIENDLY chair dance workouts designed to make you sweat and feel sexy while you truly get in touch with your body and femininity. (new routines added monthly)
  • Receive Support in Members ONLY Facebook Community where you will receive encouragement and inspiration DAILY from Stevie Lee, The Own It Team and all of the other sexy babes.
  • BONUS: Receive access to Inspirational Audio and Video trainings from Stevie Lee and the Babes that a will lead you through your transformation from the inside out!
I Know You're Sick And Tired Of Feeling Insecure In Your Body.
Not anymore. 
The Own It Chair Dance Membership will help you build the confidence you desire and FEEL SEXY in your own skin.
This is NOT your average workout. This is NOT your average dance class.


The Own it Chair Dance Membership makes burning calories and learning to dance so fun and easy. Stevie Lee breaks down each move step-by-step and uses humor, inspiration and total self acceptance to guide you through sexy dance routines that will leave you dripping in sweat and feeling on top of the world.

If you are DONE.....
trying to force yourself to workout.
hating the way you feel in your own skin.
beating yourself up about your body.
holding yourself back from being the REAL you.
hiding from your femininity

 Join the Own It Chair Dance Membership for only $39.99 per month and TRANSFORM into the Sexy, Fit and Confident Being You Have Always Wanted To Be. 

Make Sexy Your Superpower!

Benefits of Own It Chair Dance

Own It Chair Dance is more than just a sexy dance fitness format. 

It is physically and mentally TRANSFORMATIONAL
And, the best part is: you will have so much fun laughing and dancing in every video.

Gain Confidence:

Own It will help you gain confidence by connecting to your body in an intimate and loving way. The power you will unleash from dancing and spending time with like minded women will not only increase your confidence in your body but you will be able to take that confidence with you into all areas of your life and finally start showing up as the sexy, confident queen you were made to be!

Connect to Your Femininity:

We live in a world filled with never ending to do lists and responsibility galore. It is time to slide into the pleasure and playfulness of your feminine energy. Taking 30-40 minutes a day to release, reset and surrender not only feels so freaking good, but it is necessary in order to feel balanced and joyful in your everyday life and in your body. The Own It Chair Dance Routines were created to help you do just this. 

Support & Friendship:

Stevie Lee and the Own It Babes show up in these workouts as the most authentic versions of themselves and they invite you to show up the same way. You are encouraged to join the Private Fb Community: Sexy, Fit and Confident where they will be there to celebrate you and help you embrace your true beauty. This space is filled with women on the rise, just like you, and you WILL fit right in. It is your time to shine hun and we are all ready to celebrate that with you.

Body Positivity and Acceptance:

Falling in love with your body is the greatest gift you can give yourself but hitting your weight goal IS NOT WHAT GETS YOU THERE. It takes revamping your thoughts and learning to think about yourself differently. This Membership is going to teach you to redefine your beauty standards, how to focus on your what makes you incredible and How to actually PRACTICE radical self love daily. THIS will change your life. Remember, Your body is your home. It is yours and only yours. It is time to LOVE it. It deserves to feel loved by you and Own It will lead the way. 

Transform Your Body:

We live in a world filled with never ending to do lists and responsibility galore. It is time to slide into the pleasure and playfulness of your feminine energy. Taking 30-40 minutes a day to release, reset and surrender not only feels so freaking good, but it is necessary in order to feel balanced and joyful in your everyday life and in your body. The Own It Chair Dance Routines were created to help you do just this. 

Laugh and Have Fun:

Stevie Lee and the Own It Babes will have you laughing from start to finish. These women let their personalities shine and just want to have fun dancing with you. You will feel like they are right there in your home with you. These videos showcase them as they are, uncensored, silly, jokesters. There is nothing serious going on in these videos that's for sure.

What's Included:

Warm Ups

100 + Chair Dance Workouts

Sexy Showcases

 Stretch and Meditations

Chair Toning Workouts

LIVE and Recorded Mindset Trainings

It's Time 
 what it means to "workout."
FORGET "No Pain, No Gain!"
Moving your body is NOT Punishment!
Here in Own It we believe it should FEel good!

Sexy Is the new skinny and you can be SEXY at any size!
Let's do this!

You deserve to LOVE your body.
 You deserve to FEEL SO DAMN GOOD!
Now you can!

How It Works:

When you sign up you will gain access to:
  • Welcome Videos to walk you through how to choose a chair, heels and how to use the site.
  • 5 Minute ​Warm Up Dance Routines to get your mind and body ready for your workout.
  • 30 minute Chair Dance Workouts that are EASY to follow, perfect for beginners and so much fun!
  • Chair Stretch routines with self love reflection and meditations to release self doubt, stress and promote recovery.
  • ​Bonus Deep Stretch Routines and Self Massage Tutorial led by Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga instructor Amanda Taylor
AND.....for added support, you are encouraged to join Stevie Lee in the Sexy, Fit and Confident Private FB Community to ask questions, receive daily inspiration and connect with uplifting, powerful women on the rise.

Real Women, Real Results:

I don't even know if I am able to accurately put this into words. I've felt such a shift in myself. I feel power and energy that I never knew was there. I'm finding new abilities and new joy. I've met women who I otherwise would have never met and I've been able to become part of a tribe that has a vibe like nothing I've ever experienced. It's given me a spark that is changing my life. 
- Lucia
I am starting to look at my body in ways that I never have before!
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to EVERYONE!!! (And yes, I already have been bragging to everyyoonneee in my life! ) My biggest improvement overall from this group is not only my mental health, but physical as well! the dances are not only fun, but they make you burn a lot of calories!! 
- Kala
I love how it has made me be real with my body. At first it was tough letting go and allowing the noise in my head interfere when learning the dances. The selfie videos were helpful for me because it made me accountable for myself. I didn't like what I saw in the beginning but learned to embrace and accept this is me,
And damn Stevie Lee and the Own it Babes are sooo much fun!!! I laugh and do not take myself so seriously anymore. The authenticity and beauty I have witnessed in this group is incredible! 
- Michelle
{I learned that} my body is sexy RIGHT NOW, no matter what the size or shape. I love me now and this experience through sexy chair dance, the stretches, the meditation, affirmations, the audios, the journals...have been soo impactful to my mindset and how I view myself with how I want to be as a woman, as a dancer, an instructor, a mother, a sister..etc..all my roles...and move forward in my goals without doubt. To know my worth and finally love everything about me, even what I thought was my biggest setback.. no more drowning myself in my body image. I love me now. 
- Leah

Fall In Love with your BODY!


I'm a beginner, will I be able to follow along with these workouts?
YES. These workouts are specifically BEGINNER LEVEL. Stevie Lee teaches the moves slowly and provides plenty of repetition throughout the workout to ensure that you walk away feeling accomplished, successful and of course SEXY AF.
Do I need to be "fit" in order to do these workouts?
NOPE. All shapes and sizes can have success with these workouts. The Own It Community is filled with womxn of all body types and Stevie Lee provides modifications and movement options for all fitness levels. 
Do I have to dance in heels?
No way. The only routines that are done in heels are the showcase routines. You will learn the entire routine before you ever put heels on and heels are totally OPTIONAL!!
How often are new workouts added to the site?
New Workouts are added every single month. This will ensure that you will never run out of new choreography to learn and your workouts will never get stale!
How long are the workouts?
With the 'create your own workout' format, your workouts will start with a 5 minute warm up of your choice, followed by an official Own It Routine Workout (15- 45 minutes in length) and you will finish with a 10 minute Own It Chair Stretch with a meditation. So, your total workout time will be between 30-60 minutes.
How much does the Membership cost?
The Membership is only $39.99 USD per month or $249 per year.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes. You can easily cancel at anytime. 
How do I cancel?
Canceling is SIMPLE and EASY. In order to cancel your membership, all you have to do is log into your account, press the cancel button at the bottom of the home page and complete the cancellation form  We will cancel your account within 2 business days so that you are no longer charged. You will continue to have access to your membership until the end of your last billing cycle.
What’s next?
Head over to the sign up page to get started. Once you sign up, you will have instant access to the ENTIRE site with 15+ chair dance workouts.
Refund Policy:
Full refunds are available upon request within the first 30 days of signing up. If you are dissatisfied with the membership we will happily cancel your membership and refund your first payment of $39.99. Please submit request to
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